Doors and Devices

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We’ve been dealing with data since a long time. But never it has been so tightly integrated with our lives. We're in the era of data-driven design. But, is the relationship between data and design limited to analytics or is there more to the story? What about designing data itself? Does it play a more significant role in the design process? And what’s the synergy between design intuition and data?

Show Notes

Videos, books, papers and, articles related to data and design. (All are non-affiliate links)
How giant websites design for you
Designing with data
A design perspective on data
Automatic persona generation
Design for augmented intelligence
How AirBnB used data science
The next era of designers will use data as their medium

What is Doors and Devices?

Doors and Devices is a podcast about all things design - from digital to physical. Learn about design methods, processes, trends and its synergy with ever-evolving technology.