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Levana is a decentralized exchange protocol designed to enable leveraged positions for any asset. Levana enables permission-less, censorship-resistant Capital efficient markets. Levana is the only platform with zero insolvency risk, so your PnL is always safe. Currently market launches and configuration is permissioned, but Levana's goal is to create a permissionless protocol which enables anyone to be able to launch a leveraged market for any asset.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:55 The ETF Approval
00:06:28 Ben Franklin with laser eyes
00:12:30 The token launch
00:24:23 Attack timeline
00:28:30 Details of the attack
00:29:04 Targeted pools
00:34:09 Oracle Exploitation & how it works
00:42:16 Other oracle solutions
00:46:55 Learnings from the attack
00:49:50 Mitigation and relaunch
00:57:42 Thoughts on adding LVN tokens & Staking
01:00:22 Positive outlook for Levana

Initial Security Alert
Levana exploit postmortem
Delta price attack explained
Jacob Gabikian post on p2p storm

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Sebastien Couture
The Interop

Creators & Guests

Farmer | 🐉
Resident Degen, DeFi Dojo
Sebastien Couture
Founder, Interop Ventures
Jonathan Caras
Communications Director, Levana Protocol

What is The Interop?

Technical deep dives with the entrepreneurs and developers building the decentralized economics networks which make up the Interchain. The Interop is hosted by crypto investor and podcaster @seb3point0.