Driving to the Rez - With Inelia Benz and Larry Buzzell

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At the Olympic Peninsula, we have been getting ready to deliver a workshop that teaches individuals and groups how to make a deep, informative and harmonizing connection with a parcel of land. Through the process of teaching the team of Mystics who are going to deliver this workshop, I found out that there are various aspects of connecting with land that are not known by the general population. 

Topics covered in the episode: 
  • Connecting with a parcel of land vs connecting with Gaia
  • Humans and parcels of land
  • Inelia's story with the ranch in Chile
  • Legal transfer of ownership
  • Energetic transfer of ownership
  • The Access Gaia event in April 2024
  • Owning Several Properties
  • Sentiency of the land 
  • The deep and ancient connection between humans and the land
  • It is time to power up! 

What is Driving to the Rez - With Inelia Benz and Larry Buzzell?

The podcast where you learn how to get to your roots and take your power back. Be it UFOs, Sasquatch, Artificial Intelligence, Shamanism or Crystals no topic is off limits for Driving to the Rez.