Gathering Of The Ages

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In the 50th episode of the Gathering of the Ages, The Black Feather Few embark on their newest quest, given to them by the mysterious Judge Daramid. Their first investigation leads them to the swamp village of Morast, to investigate the recent kidnappings that the Beast is being held responsible for. Artrilla finally reveals her past to her party members, and tells the story of how she came to obtain her journals. An event during their adventures leaves the party reeling and wondering what they are going to do next.

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What is Gathering Of The Ages?

Join a loving family on an adventure as they play the Pathfinder Adventure Path: The Carrion Crown. This actual play podcast will have you laughing and crying along with the characters created to tell this epic story. The mission of our show is to show people how fun Table Top RPGs can be, while encouraging others to build community through gaming.