Spencer's Serenade

Today's episode Danny Koresh and I talk about soul; the reality of the soul, the movie soul, and how to heal and connect to your soul. We hope this episode helps in some way and we hope you look at the movies we talked about in a new light.

Show Notes

Thank you for tuning in yet again, I appreciate you all so much. This episode Dan and I dive into talking about soul. This includes what we think soul actually means, the movie called soul, and how to heal and connect to your soul. We had fun talking about this topic because you can get so speculative, we hope to inspire you to ponder these types of things and discuss them with your friends and family. If you find this show valuable to your life, please feel free to show us value in return. You can make a donation on Venmo or subscribe to the Patreon, if you feel so inclined. Again, we appreciate all of your continued listening support and hope you find benefit in the conversations had on this show. If you feel you'd be a good guest for the show, contact me at the email below and we can set something up. Make sure to share this show with your friends and family so we can continue to grow! Check out our Instagram page if you have an Instagram.
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What is Spencer's Serenade?

Thank you for joining me on this podcasting journey. This podcast will be focused on dealing with everyday problems that people might face and how to address them. Along with that, in the other portion we will be discussing the weird and wild topics and phenomenon that exists in this world. With that being said, I hope this can provide you with solutions to problems you may be facing in your life as well as expand your mind into thinking about some complex topics that don't get enough attention.