The Vance Crowe Podcast

A list of the viewer choices from this year's 50 interviews.

Show Notes

Most Surprising: Lucy Thackray (episode #144)
Contribution to the Pattern Language: David Goodhart (episode #104)
Most Up-The-Graph: Lee Cronin (episode #126)
Prompted you to change your life: Erik Hoel (episode #135)
Most Memorable: Jim Rutt ( First appearance episode #114) Virtual Reality episode #124)
Most Talked About: Rob Henderson (episode #106)
Most Uncomfortable: Aella (episode #100)
Most Culturally Relevant: Alina Chan (episode #165)
Most Viewed: Lacy Hunt (episode #137)
Most Worthy of a 2nd Viewing: John Jennings (episode #130)
Most Profound: Michael Levin (episode #163)

What is The Vance Crowe Podcast?

The Vance Crowe Podcast is a thought-provoking and engaging show where Vance Crowe, a former Director of Millennial Engagement for Monsanto, and X-World Banker, interviews a variety of experts and thought leaders from diverse fields.

Vance prompts his guests to think about their work in novel ways, exploring how their expertise applies to regular people and sharing stories and experiences.

The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including agriculture, technology, social issues, and more. It aims to provide listeners with new perspectives and insights into the world around them.