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In construction, your people make or break you. Tune in to learn more about how to solve your people problems, getting the field and office to work together, and how to stop losing money on jobs. Guest: Eric Anderton (Construction Genius).

Show Notes

In construction, your people make or break you. This is a no-BS episode...

Tune in to learn more about how to:
  • Solve your people problems
  • Get the field and office/HR to work together
  • Stop losing money on jobs
  • Run a kickass meeting

Eric Anderton (aka Construction Genius) joins us on the podcast. He's a trusted leadership advisor, executive mentor and expert meeting facilitator for construction companies that range in revenue from $10 million - $1 billion...he knows his stuff. 

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"Talented people are your best asset no matter what the economy is doing."

Eric's recently launched book -- Construction Genius: Effective, Hands-On, Practical, Simple, No-BS Leadership, Strategy, Sales, and Marketing Advice for Construction Companies

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