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Akoni is an early pioneer in creating cash management solutions and a white-label platform for the SMB segment. Felicia is well known in the Fintech space with over 20+ years in the industry and has been recognized by the industry for her contributions; she was a finalist in the Treasury Innovator Award by the Treasury Leaders Summit. In this episode, both Felicia and Panos share their views on emerging Fintech trends and the future of Open Banking and Open Finance.

Show Notes

  • [1:52] - Why did you start Akoni? What pain does it solve?
  • [8:00] - How did you achieve product-market fit?
  • [11:18] - What are the key trends you are seeing in financial services and fintech?
  • [15:13] - How has the pandemic changed the expectations and needs of the consumer and business user?
  • [21:13] - How do you balance innovation from open banking and open finance with ensuring adequate protection of consumers?
  • [26:19] - How do you see open banking evolve in Europe and what would you like to see happen in terms of regulations
  • [28:18] - How does Europe compare with other regions like US in terms of fintech innovation?
  • [31:15] - How are the different players - incumbents, middleware, fintech companies collaborating or working together to make the ecosystem work, (in the UK)?
  • [34:39] - Go-to-market strategy - How did you build relationships with key banking players?
  • [36:49] - What advice would you give to yourself, in your early years at Akoni - what would you do differently?
  • [40:29] - How has the experience of being a female founder and CEO in Fintech been like?
  • [[44:37] - What are your future goals?

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