Ordinary Astronauts

In the shortest episode yet (because Dan had a meditation retreat to get to), Dan and Nathan discuss the big shift that might be happening away from friend/follow graphs and towards algorithmic feeds, then talk about how going it alone as an online creator might be overrated, and end on a discussion of how meditation helps you feel better—but not in the way that you think.

Show Notes

Three topics this week:
  1. Is Social Media Dying? Last week we published an essay by Michael Mignano that made waves, predicting The End of Social Media. The theory is that algorithmic feeds are going to outcompete friend/follow graphs. The question is why, and the answer is that we're generally more interested in people who are professionally interesting than people we happen to know.
  2. Solo Creatorhood is Overrated.  If the world really is moving away from friends and towards creators, the question becomes: what business models will support these creators? Dan and Nathan posit the controversial take that going it alone on the internet is overrated. It's good for some people but not great for so many others. We talk about how brands like Every can have a slot in your head as a sort of "creator"—corporations are people too, my friend! (Mostly kidding!)
  3. How Meditation Helps You Feel, Better. A lot of people think meditation is about feeling better, but what if it's actually about feeling, better? As in feeling whatever you are feeling, but with more depth and awareness and control, rather than being owned by the feeling? This helps us understand what the principle of non-attachment is really about.
And in the after-show, as a bonus, Nathan explains some incredible drama in the F1 world. 

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