I Like Girls

British-Nigerian aesthetician, Maxymilia’s life was significantly shaped by her Nigerian parents' decisions. Throughout her childhood, she found herself obliged to conform to her parent's wishes, leaving little room to express her own desires. In this episode, Maxymilia opens up about how her upbringing profoundly influenced her educational, career, and relationship choices. Particularly, she discusses her initial struggles with the concept of marriage due to the lasting impact of her parent's influence, as well as her journey of healing and growth from those experiences.
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Creators & Guests

Aisha Salaudeen
Aisha is the an award-winning storyteller with experience covering women's issues on the African continent. She is the host and producer of I Like Girls.

What is I Like Girls?

I Like Girls - with Aisha Salaudeen - is a show about African women and the different experiences life throws at them for being women. Each episode of I Like Girls features stories that take you on a journey into the unanticipated ways life impacts women.