Split Happens - Divorce Down Under

This is an episode that has been brewing for some time. Alex and Liza discuss how people manage "Separating and Staying Sane". Sometimes the best option to keep your sanity is not to involve the courts. Now this solution might not work for everyone but if you think this can work for you, our Hosts will speak from their own experiences on how to separate and stay sane.
Alex and Liza will cover many topics:
  • Support Networks
  • Making a plan
  • Living Arrangements
  • Separating under one roof
  • What do you need (not what do you want)
These topics and many more will be covered in this very interesting episode of Split Happens, so settle in and enjoy our latest episode.

If you have any further questions and want to reach out to Alex or Liza you can find them on the links below

Alex - https://arbonlegal.com.au/about/alex-wynn/

Liza - https://arbonlegal.com.au/about/liza-friedwald/

What is Split Happens - Divorce Down Under?

Welcome to Split Happens, where we dive into all family law matters. Hosted by Alex and Liza, two experienced professionals, the podcast offers an insightful and sometimes entertaining look at the intricacies of family law. Exploring difficult subjects involving kids, money and property, to help you navigate the complex world of family law. Join us each week as we tackle a new topic and uncover fresh perspectives on an often daunting subject.