Beyond The Journal With The Clydesdale and Cat

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Tricia grew up as a competitive cheerleader and that is how she met her husband. When they had their first child Bronson, he was born with a traumatic brain injury! Bronson was going to need everything his mom had and more. After years of doing everything in her power, she discovered CrossFit and that gave her so much more! It gave her the strength to be able to carry her child who needed her, and maybe even bigger a community that accepted her with open arms and wanted to help lift her and her family up. It became a happy place for Tricia and surprisingly Bronson as well. The noise of the gym became a comfort to him and the family could enjoy CrossFit together.

What is Beyond The Journal With The Clydesdale and Cat?

Hosts Scott Switzer and Cat Scherer get the story behind the story when fitness has transformed someone's life. Many of the stories you see in documentary form or on social media can only touch on the highlights of the amazing stories where people have changed their lives. We will give these stories the time they need to give the complete picture. All the struggles, hurdles and obstacles that have lead to their greatest success.