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In this episode of Recruitment Hackers podcast, Max reflects on the benefits of AI vs Robotic Process Automation (RPA), when it comes to recruitment. While both of these technologies have their pros and cons, Max argues one is clearly better than the other — RPA. Listen to find out why and how it works.

Show Notes

Welcome to the recruitment hackers podcast. A show about innovations, technology and leaders in the recruitment industry. Brought to you by Talkpush, the leading recruitment automation platform.

Hello, Recruitment Hackers. This is max from Talkpush. And today I'd like to ask a question.  I'd like to start a conversation on the topic of what should you be using when selecting, when shortlisting candidates? Should you be using AI technology? Or RPA technology? So, without getting too technical, what I mean by that is, AI is the softwares makes the decision for you by doing candidate matching and matching the person to the job.

RPA, the recruiter makes the decision,  by creating a list of rules that will eliminate the candidates based on criteria. ABC. Both technologies — doing really well,  just beginning to have their glory days.  Both technologies also have their implications and, you know, their risks and benefits.

I, for one, believe that, RPA is the way to go because it puts the recruiter at the center of the process where they decide, who gets shortlisted, who gets rejected, who gets moved to a different campaign. As opposed to an AI solution, which is, of course more scalable because you could do an infinite number of campaigns, theoretically with AI and just say, AI, please make the decision for me. 

But we know that the world is changing so fast, and if only from a regulatory standpoint, you have countries now where they're saying you're not allowed to use AI. So, there's regulatory change, change in the behaviors of the candidates,  changes in the jobs that you and the qualities that you're looking for in your jobs.

How is an AI supposed to do all of that? I don't think that's conceivable. so I think it's much better to challenge your recruiters to say, yes, I want you to use automation, but, and I want you to get rid of 90% of candidates in an automated manner, but don't use AI. Don't just hope that the button will score and give you the end result, ask yourself what is it that you want out of your candidates, and eliminate them.

Those are my thoughts on the AI versus RPA applied to recruitment. If you're interested in the topic, I really recommend the new book by Matt Ridley, how innovation works, which drives home the point that true innovation is through incremental change and not big ideas and not a big science.

I think it's in the hands of each and every one of us to make true innovation and true progress and drive productivity increases by tinkering and constantly improving things. And I think RPA supports that better than another approach. Please subscribe to the podcast for more.

We'll be publishing here every week, share with your friends and looking forward to see you again on the Recruitment Hackers podcast. Over and out.

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