How We Work - with Iso Rabins

In this week's episode, I had a super interesting chat with a good friend of mine,  Eli Friedman, who also works as a professor at Cornell University. We dove deep into the world of AI, especially GPT, and talked about what it means for teaching, research, and just day-to-day life at a top university.

Eli shared some cool insights about how AI might change the way students and professors interact. We even got into whether it's okay for students to use AI to help with their homework (spoiler: the answers might surprise you!).

One of the best parts? Comparing the rise of AI to when the internet first started. It’s like watching a new world unfold in front of us. By the end of our talk, Eli and I also shared a few personal stories and laughs - turns out he's a big fan of ice cream, just like me.

So, if you're curious about where AI is heading and how it might change our schools and jobs, you'll want to tune in to this episode.

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