Svelte Radio

We talk about the upcoming Svelte Summit event and what to expect from the talks. And there's a new intro!

Show Notes

Svelte Summit is happening on Sunday! Don't miss it. We start at 2PM London time (the FAQ has more time zones listed).

This episode is the first to include our new intro music and we're really happy with it. It's made by Braden Wiggins ( He usually frequents the Routify and Svelte Discords, you've probably seen him around! :)

Coming soon.

Creators & Guests

antony 
Dad / @SvelteJS maintainer / @SvelteSociety co-founder / Svelte Radio host. Born at 341.57 ppm CO2.
DS Eng @Provihq 🧜 😺 👩‍🏫
Kevin A. K.
Co-founder of Svelte Society 🌎 Organizer of Svelte Summit 🏔 Host of Svelte Radio 📻

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