That Remote Life | Interviews with Digital Nomads and Location Independent Entrepreneurs

Today on the podcast I am joined by Hannah Dixon, the founder of Digital Nomad Kit, one of the largest training programs for Virtual Assistants that to date has helped train over 12,000 virtual assistants!

You are going to learn 3 important things from today’s interview:

1) How Hannah stumbled on the digital nomad lifestyle and why in some ways she was always destined for it
2) Why becoming a Virtual Assistant is an incredible way to become location independent
3) Hannah and I discussed strategies that VAs and Freelancers can use to strengthen their business and make it more reliable for the future.

Show Notes

💬  Topics Discussed:
  • Defining a digital nomad home base
  • How to transition into a digital nomad lifestyle
  • The realities of traveling and working
  • Getting into the digital nomad lifestyle
  • The impact of travel on family life and personal wellbeing
  • Does working different jobs when you are young help you become a better entrepreneur?
  • Finding the right activity for yourself
  • How the idea of the Digital Nomad Kit evolved
  • The differences between a virtual assistant and a freelancer
  • Pros and cons of being a virtual assistant
  • The role of governmental institutions in promoting and supporting freelancers
  • How can Universities and other educational institutions modernize their views and classes on the current workforce and marketplace?
  • Creating a safety net as a freelancer
  • Financial literacy
  • Delegation and business expansion as a freelancer
  • Upwork VS building your own network of clients
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