The Texas Hemp Show

Sweet Sensi presents the 3rd Annual Texas Hemp Harvest Festival November 3rd & 4th At Distribution Hall . . .  reserve your tickets today  . . . at

Tracy and Greg Autry come on this week to tell about what they have planned for the Texas Hemp Harvest Festival at Distribution Hall this November. Also Frank Cheff calls in to tell us about a new Hempcrete Spray Application (Demonstration & Collaboration) by Frank Cheff of American Natural Materials.

Hemp Bedding is Changing Everything

Hemp bedding is revolutionizing the way animals are cared for. Mucking out dusty, smelly bedding used to be the most dreaded (and unhealthy) part of raising animals. With good hemp bedding, this problems disappears! The Aubiose hemp brand is the best quality and most readily available option, made by the oldest hemp bedding cooperative in the world.

What is The Texas Hemp Show ?

The Texas Hemp Show is the official podcast for the Texas Hemp Reporter Magazine: The Texas Hemp Show is recorded every Thursday at from 6 -7pm and is released each Friday. For news and the latest information on the growing Hemp & Cannabis industry in the Lone Star State subscribe to our magazine the Texas Hemp Reporter online and follow us wherever podcasts are available.