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Best of: The boys are back in the studio and this time they are running the show. We have a lot of fun having the tables turned on us as they interview us and do an epic lightning round.

Show Notes

The husbands are back in the studio and this time they are asking the questions. They ask the Girls Who Do Stuff about what it was like starting their first businesses. What were the challenges they faced? How did they overcome them? 

Since both Sarah and Jenny started out in social work the guys wanted to know what they wanted to do when they were little. Since most little kids don't think they want to grow up to go into social work... They talked about discovering their gifts and passions for helping people and problem-solving that led them to that choice of education.

The husbands asked if they could go back and change anything about the early years of business or anything in their lives what would they do differently.  

The guys as some tough questions like, what bothers you about your husbands? And we hear some really funny and interesting stories from behind the scenes of the Girls Who Do Stuff when it comes to parenting, owning a business, work-life balance, married life, and adulting.

Don't miss the story of Scott trying to fight an entire section at a college football game that got landed him in jail for the night.

Enjoy the candid and raw conversations in this episode. You're welcome.

What is Girls Who Do Stuff?

Come as you are with the courage to speak up and tell a better story. A raw and real podcast from two courageous women making an impact in their communities by helping guests share their unique stories.

Your hosts Jenny and Sarah are soul sisters with a passion for creating a space for authentic storytelling. Their guests will make you laugh, cry, and leave you with all-the-feels while you learn from thought leaders like entrepreneurs, influencers, coaches, real estate moguls, speakers, reality stars, and creative geniuses.