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In this episode of 'Ladies Who Create,' hosts Liz Meyer and Jess Rosenberg engage in a captivating conversation with Kelin Carolyn Zhang, a dynamic designer who has transitioned seamlessly from roles in the tech and design fields to running a successful independent practice. Kelin shares her unique career trajectory, including her time at Ueno, her impactful experiences at Twitter, and how generative AI has revolutionized her creative process. Discover the inspiring stories behind her latest innovative projects like Poetry Camera and learn how strategic career decisions and the influence of AI have profoundly shaped her path. Tune in for an insightful discussion full of inspiration and practical advice for any creative professional.

More about Kelin:
Kelin Carolyn Zhang is an independent designer, artist, and educator creating software with a soul. Her client practice focuses on 0-to-1 design and prototyping for novel AI products. She is also one of the creators of Poetry Camera, a camera that prints poems of what it sees. Previously, she led design on Twitter Spaces, taught at School of Visual Arts, and was the first design hire at Ueno. Her past clients include Apple, Google, Meta, Uber, and many early-stage startups. She graduated from MIT with a Bachelor's in Computer Science.


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Jessica Rosenberg
Co-host of Ladies who Create, Creative Director, Mom
Liz Meyer
Creative Director, Owner of the design studio Datalands, mom

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A podcast highlighting extraordinary women in the design and creative industry. Hosted by Jess Rosenberg and Liz Meyer.