Skincare Secrets

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In this episode, Damyan interviews Dr. Debra Kissen who specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for various mental health disorders including skin picking. She’s a PhD, a book author, speaker, and an active contributor to the Huffington Post. You can connect with Dr Debra Kissen at

Damyan Nikolov is a host, entrepreneur and a skincare formulator. In 2019, he is launching - a club where members get clinical skincare starting at $3.

What is Skincare Secrets?

This show is about beauty, skincare and self-care. It is for those who want to learn how to maintain a clear, healthy skin. Bringing you tips, tricks, and guests who share their skincare secrets.

Learn from Damyan Nikolov, founder of - a club for clinical skincare at $3-5 a product.