Freaks & Creeks: a Dawson's Creek Podcast

Join Mal and James for a quick chat as they read emails, chat Boy Bands from the '90s, get confused about what the Brits say, and more!

Show Notes

Bet you're looking for an update on season 2, aren't you? Well, we talk about that this week so you're in luck! James and Mal clear the mail bag and share a few updates before sharing a few holiday messages from the whole Freaks crew. Happy holidays all, we'll be back soon with regular episodes!

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Freaks & Creeks: a Dawson's Creek Podcast is produced by Stella Baldwin, Cody Dean, Mallory Freed, and James Ramey. Cover art by Mallory Freed. Mixed and edited by James Ramey. Original theme music written and recorded by Cody Dean and James Ramey. 

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What is Freaks & Creeks: a Dawson's Creek Podcast?

A Dawson's Creek Rewatch Podcast for those who missed the boat!

Freaks & Creeks: a Dawson's Creek Podcast dives into each episode of the hit '90s TV show Dawson's Creek with a fresh perspective. Join Cody, Stella, Mal and James as they set sail through turbulent waters determined to understand this iconic teen drama’s place in the modern television zeitgeist.