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In this episode, Simon interviews Frank Calise, Senior Software Engineer at Infinite Red. Frank shares his experiences with different programming languages and platforms, including iOS, Android, Xamarin, and React Native. He also discusses the role of open source at Infinite Red and provides insights into Ignite, Infinite Red's battle-tested boilerplate React Native application, and its generators that help speed up development.

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Frank Calise
  • Ignite is Infinite Red's battle-tested boilerplate React Native application that includes generators to speed up development.
  • The plans for Ignite include aligning with React Native's new architecture and continuing to support Expo and React Native upgrades.
  • Ignite is expected to align with React Native version 10 and may not see major releases until then.

What is Rocket Ship?

Welcome aboard the Rocket Ship, the ultimate podcast voyage into the heart of React Native development with Simon Grimm! Whether you're a seasoned mobile app developer or just starting your journey, this is your go-to destination for all things React Native and Expo.