Flushing It Out

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Samantha sits down with the founder of Finding the Fantastic, Colleen Shumaker, to discuss what Finding the Fantastic is and what her journey was to get there.

Show Notes

Samantha talks with Colleen Shumaker about her mission titled, Finding the Fantastic, a podcast where Colleen talks about "trying to find something fantastic between the hustle of surviving life and achieving it."  The discussion covers Colleen's journey to figuring out her mission, including struggles with learning disabilities and pondering why it's so easy to tell strangers our deepest, darkest secrets.  Also, what does Colleen want on her tombstone?  Tune in to find out!

What is Flushing It Out ?

Flushing It Out with Samantha Spittle, the Introvert's Extrovert. The podcast where she talks to people so you don't have to...for now.