Anthroposophy to the Point

Anne Weise of the Rudolf Steiner Archive joins the podcast to speak about her research on Hilma af Klint, perhaps the most famous Anthroposophist in the world today behind Steiner. Her relationship with Steiner is often the source of ungrounded criticism, and her long, expansive relationship with Anthroposophy under-appreciated. In this podcast, we explore these issues and celebrate Hilma's spiritual-scientific artistic work.

What is Anthroposophy to the Point?

Das Goetheanum is a weekly journal started by Rudolf Steiner in 1921. In 2021, it started being published in the English, and now we are embracing podcast as a way to conduct our interviews with outstanding individuals from the Goetheanum, and prominent anthroposophical thinkers and leaders in their fields. Join us along as we explore what it means to be human today.