Driving to the Rez - With Inelia Benz and Larry Buzzell

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“See me, don’t see me” is an energy that many lightworkers have. 

On the one hand, lightworkers are very much “people persons”. They go out of their way to help others, create high-frequency interactions and groups that support, heal and build. 

On the other hand, we can be expert lone-wolves, want to be left alone, are more comfortable on their own and will often end up living by themselves, with dogs, cats, horses or goats (put pet name here), or in a temple like apartment, which is sound proof and separate from the rest of city they might live in.

Topics we cover:
- Everything is a co-creation
- Manifesting through programs
- Lightworkers and small-talk
- Make sure your body is on board with your manifestations
- Larry's crystal scrying
- Being seen online vs being seen in person
- Connect but don't forget your street smarts
- Being a leader

What is Driving to the Rez - With Inelia Benz and Larry Buzzell?

The podcast where you learn how to get to your roots and take your power back. Be it UFOs, Sasquatch, Artificial Intelligence, Shamanism or Crystals no topic is off limits for Driving to the Rez.