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In this episode, Pinnacle Advertising’s Head of People Mary Williams talks about how leaders can show their team gratitude, how to keep staff engaged in a hybrid work model, and ways you can show your staff they’re valued without spending a lot of money.

Mary Wiliams is the Head of People at Pinnacle Advertising and has been working in HR for over a decade.

Mary has a proven track record in working with startups and setting others up for success; and developing and motivating cohesive, goal-oriented, and high-performing teams. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of People Analytics:

  • The benefits of showing gratitude in the workplace.
  • How leaders can show their team gratitude.
  • The value of active listening.
  • How to find a job you find fulfilling.
  • How to be creative with a limited budget.
  • Low-budget ideas to lift up your staff.
  • How to keep staff engaged in a hybrid work model.


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  • 3:33 - “Another really important component of active listening is that you want to acknowledge what the other person’s saying, pay good close attention but don’t interrupt.”
  • 8:45 - “So hearing great job is less effective than great job in leading that meeting this morning  I could tell everyone was more involved and engaged because you took time to hear them out and were more active in that contribution so using that specificity in the verbal compliments went a really long way.”
  • 13:00 - “One day I came to work and there was the big stuffed animal Bunny on my desk and it said ‘some-bunny appreciates you’ and it was a note from our CEO and I was tickled by that and I thought well that’s super cute thank you so much let’s take it a step further and so we recreated that appreciation bunny to be a traveling trophy.”
  • 14:14 - “Tangible items in this increasingly digital world we’re living in they’re becoming valuable I see it with teenagers leaning toward polaroid cameras and those awful point-and-shoot cameras that we used to hate, there’s something valuable about tangibility in a digital landscape.”

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