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In this episode of the podcast we chat with Dori from Fun Mums Fitness, she is a PT that specialises in one to one personal training and classes for expecting mums as well as those who have just recently given birth

Show Notes

In this episode Dori joins us to walk us through guidance for women that are thinking about getting pregnant and making decisions about exercise to get into the healthiest position they can with their bodies before conceiving.

Dori gives us excellent information on many of the conditions that can arise during a pregnancy and discusses in detail how to manage those conditions and the role of physical activity during pregnancy as well as some useful thoughts on nutrition during pregnancy.

We discuss postpartum conditions that are often fairly frequent but less spoken about such as urinary incontinence as well as going to some of the more common topics of lower back pain during pregnancy and pelvic floor issues as well as separation of the abdominal wall.

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What is Profound Fitness?

Exercise, nutrition, health and wellbeing topics from the very basics to beyond.

The Profound Fitness Podcast features coaches Mike Wilson & Byron Johnston plus guest speakers.

It covers not only the basics of how to use gym based exercise, but also nutritional tips and much more. The Profound podcast also provides an insight into the latest reports by the media on health and wellbeing tips and whether they are indeed as useful or harmful as they sometimes claim to be.

Mike & Byron will be keeping you informed and helping you sift through the confusion behind what the best kinds of exercise and health choices are that you can be doing, to stay healthy and get in great shape now and into your later years.

From don't go! to Gym Pro. We'll talk you through the step-by-step process to learning what works and what to avoid in amongst the health space.

Profound Fitness is a private gym, based in Mayford Surrey U.K. This podcast is intended to help serve and inform our local community as well as provide information to all those interested in health topics from around the world.
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