Flanigan's Eco-Logic

In EcoNet News, Volume 26, Issue #3, Ted highlights data from 2023 showing that there are 1.5 billion people worldwide that are vegetarians. He goes on to highlight Ohio' solar milestone, the 2024 World Happiness Report, a new study that finds dancing to be the best form of exercise to combat depression, Shell closing 1,000 gas stations, the final quarter of 2023 ramping up battery storage, the strongest ever auto pollution standards issued by the U.S. EPA, electrifying heavy duty trucks, and Environmental Social Governance (ESG). Ted also shares big news: Feedstock has listed Flanigan’s Eco-Logic as one of the Top 15 Sustainability Podcasts in California!

What is Flanigan's Eco-Logic?

We all want to live a sustainable life, but where do we start? Flanigan's Eco-Logic, hosted by Ted Flanigan, provides information and insights in sustainability and the clean energy space. Flanigan’s enthusiasm and vast experience in the energy and environmental arena are palpable, whether bringing cutting-edge developments to the fore, or interviewing and engaging with leading practitioners. This show is for those who want a sustainable life but don’t know where to start.