TalkRL: The Reinforcement Learning Podcast

Amy Zhang shares her work on Invariant Causal Prediction for Block MDPs, Multi-Task Reinforcement Learning with Context-based Representations, MBRL-Lib, shares insight on generalization on RL, and more!

Show Notes

Amy Zhang is a postdoctoral scholar at UC Berkeley and a research scientist at Facebook AI Research. She will be starting as an assistant professor at UT Austin in Spring 2023. 

Featured References 

Invariant Causal Prediction for Block MDPs 
Amy Zhang, Clare Lyle, Shagun Sodhani, Angelos Filos, Marta Kwiatkowska, Joelle Pineau, Yarin Gal, Doina Precup 

Multi-Task Reinforcement Learning with Context-based Representations 
Shagun Sodhani, Amy Zhang, Joelle Pineau 

MBRL-Lib: A Modular Library for Model-based Reinforcement Learning 
Luis Pineda, Brandon Amos, Amy Zhang, Nathan O. Lambert, Roberto Calandra 

Additional References 

Creators & Guests

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