The Medicare Agent Podcast

On this episode we’re joined by Jeff Youngs and Dan Duhl, the co-founders of Ohio Medicare Consultants, to discuss how they built their Medicare agency in addition to running a successful Property and Casualty business.

They explain how they’ve been growing their new Medicare business, why P&C is so different from Medicare, and the marketing they’re doing on social channels to get new clients.

The Medicare Agent Podcast is hosted by Sarah Jacobson, CEO and Co-Founder of FairStreet. In each weekly episode of this podcast, you’ll hear from experienced Medicare agents about how they built their successful medicare businesses and how they get new clients for their medicare businesses.

FairStreet is a startup FMO and CRM for Medicare agents to run and scale their businesses. You can collect prescriptions, quote & enroll, create custom intake forms, record calls and so much more. FairStreet is free to use.

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Key topics + chapter markers:

00:04:57 Make meaningful connections

00:06:53 Find a trusted partner

00:15:17 Follow the rules to succeed

00:20:03 Partner up for success

00:22:17 Commitment to success is key

00:26:10 Partner with motivated agents

What is The Medicare Agent Podcast?

The Medicare Agent Podcast teaches independent Medicare agents and Medicare brokers how to manage, market and grow your Medicare business more effectively. Guests on this podcast include veteran Medicare agency owners who share how they run their Medicare business, the mistakes they made you can learn from and avoid, and how to build a thriving book of business as a Medicare insurance agent.