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In our first ever Sequel Episode, we rewind time and take a trip back to the tale of The Godfather!

Show Notes

We did The Godfather back in June of 2020 (which was Episode 16!!!), over a year ago. It's a little crazy to think that we've kept at this for so long, much less revisited a series in our first ever Sequel Episode! We once again enter the mind of Francis Ford Coppola and hit the streets with a present day Don Michael and young Don Vito in The Godfather Part II! This may be one of the few sequels to actually hold a candle to the original.

Collective Fumbler Score: 8.8

In this episode, we made The Godfather cocktail to set the mood! Check out our latest web series, Fumbled Not Stirred, to learn how to make one of your own! And be on the lookout for a next episode, launching this week!

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