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The automotive industry is the underpinning of much of our economy today. So what does the sustainability revolution look like, and how are they going beyond simply reinventing the wheel?

Show Notes

The automotive industry is currently at the forefront of developing the the transport of the future that will not only fundementally change how go from A to B, but also the underlying technology that will power this sustainable revolution. So how is the automotive industry creating the mobility solutions of the future? 

In this episode of Future Sight, host Liz Lugnier speaks to Siegfried Adam, Director for Automotive Consulting at Capgemini Invent, Markus Winkler, Executive Vice President, Capgemini Global Automotive, and Sheila Patel, Vice President
Capgemini Invent.

This week's guests:

Siegfried Adam 
Director for Automotive Consulting,
Siegfried Adam, Global Lead for sustainable mobility in Capgemini Invent, helping automotive clients to accelerate their journeys to become sustainable businesses, leveraging technology and cross-industry thinking. He has been working with major automotive OEMs, suppliers and cities on digitalising and electrifying cars as well as in the shared mobility space for more than 10 years. Before entering automotive consulting he gained experience in electronics R&D and product management in consumer electronics and telecommunications industry – knowledge and experience that has proven to be very valuable in an automotive space more and more driven by software, IT, electrification and connectivity.

Sheila Patel, Vice President
Capgemini Invent

Sheila Patel, based in Seattle, is a Vice President in the advisory aim of Capgemini called Invent. She brings a perspective of how to execute sustainable changes in the  automobile companies of today and of tomorrow.  She often is working with her clients to answer How work is focused on what are the programs and people enablers that need to be mobiize actions into outcomes?  She has spent her career in helping companies incorporating technologies to solve buiness problems via applying talents.   

Markus Winkler
Executive Vice President, Capgemini Global Automotive
Markus Winkler works with teams across the world, helping clients shape their mobility strategies and invent what’s next in the rapidly changing automotive industry. Besides connected vehicles and autonomous driving, Markus asserts that car-sharing, electrification and mass-transit systems will change the face of mobility at local, national, and global levels. Environmental sustainability will be an increasing focus throughout this transformation over the coming decade. Markus is proud to work closely with some of the world’s most innovative and recognizable brands, helping to define the future of the automotive industry.

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This episode was hosted by Liz Lugnier and produced by Thomas O’Mahony.
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