Native Lights: Where Indigenous Voices Shine

In this compelling episode, we welcome Karen Diver. Karen speaks on her rich background in leadership and advocacy work. We discuss some of her goals and the work she’s already done at the University of Minnesota, such as implementing tuition and fee waivers, housing scholarships, and enhancing a nation-wide online library resource for students that highlights the work of Indigenous scholars. She shares her insight on leveraging the unique strengths of tribal nations within higher education.
The conversation dives into Karen's transition into her groundbreaking role at the UofM, the challenges and triumphs of being the first person to hold this position, and the best practices she's developed. Karen also reflects on her tenure in the Obama administration, what ignited her passion for her work, and what continues to drive her dedication to American Indian affairs and education. Tune in to hear Karen’s inspiring story and her vision for the future. 

What is Native Lights: Where Indigenous Voices Shine?

In Native Lights, people in Native communities around Mni Sota Mkoce - a.k.a. Minnesota - tell their stories about finding their gifts and sharing them with the community. These are stories of joy, strength, history, and change from Native people who are shaping the future and honoring those who came before them.

Native Lights is also a weekly, half-hour radio program hosted by Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe members and siblings, Leah Lemm and Cole Premo. Native Lights is a space for people in Native communities.

Native Lights: Where Indigenous Voices Shine is produced by Minnesota Native News and Ampers, Diverse Radio for Minnesota’s Communities with support from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage fund. Online at