The Inventory Professional

The property reporting profession is quite a varied role or at least it can be if you set your sights further than just inventories. But it can be limited if you don't look beyond your own services or settle for the same business model that agents expect of you.

So why should you be thinking about diversifying your services and what are some of the services open to inventory professionals?

Show Notes

If you have established yourself as a property inventory clerk you’ll be well aware of the very specific skills and abilities the job demands. If you’re at the start of your career you’ll learn about them very quickly as you develop your service.

A successful inventory clerk balances very strong interpersonal skills with a highly organised approach and precise attention to detail.

Most clerks are self-employed; your livelihood often depends on getting as many jobs as possible, which is why both in slow periods and as part of your business planning, you should really think about how the skills you use in your primary work can be transferred to other vital processes and opportunities.

The is why I want to talk to you about why you shouldn't meet the expectations of others, why you need to redefine yourself and your service, why you should make the most of what you’re good at, why you should extend yourself and why I say - 'Don't stay in your lane!'

This short podcast (which can also be seen in webinar format) is about getting you thinking about your options.

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What is The Inventory Professional?

This podcast is designed for property inventory clerks and service providers, presented by InventoryBase Academy