The Rep's Journey

We cover how to get your reps to pay attention using 3 Simple Concepts.

Show Notes

Increasing attention is not simply shortening training. It's focusing on the right things at the right time.  How do you know what to focus on?


Ask if you training zeroes in on immediate needs, with attention to things that interest your reps, while focusing on things of highest importance!

00:00-00:22 Introduction
00:22-05:21 Why this topic
05:21-05:46 Why We're Qualified to Discuss This
05:46-12:33 Concept #1 - Immediacy
12:33-21:46 Concept #2 - Interest
21:46-28:05 Concept #3 - Importance
28:05-29:13 Call To Action: Audit, Rank, Adjust

What is The Rep's Journey?

Learn tips for getting your reps to finish training, complete onboarding, and start selling faster! With over 12 years of experience working with direct sales companies that train 50k reps annually, Stephen Rhyne's perspective is proven to get results.