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In this episode, I take you on a journey through the many comparisons I’ve punished myself with over the years, and how I have overcome many and continue to battle others. I explore the big bad ego and individuation as a means to self-actualization.

Show Notes

Episode Outline:
  • Episode Intro
  • Truth Bomb - What do you secretly collect?
  • Where I am now in music, medicine and life
  • Definition of comparison
  • Definition of ‘Keeping Up with The Jones’’
  • My Jones’ - Music, Medicine, Daily Life, Gym
  • My Music Experiences
    • Music - Having a different schedule from my 9-5er friends. Where I reached in the industry versus where I thought I would be.  Whether I am good enough.
  • Ego as defined by Eckhart Tolle
  • There are truths to comparisons
  • My Medical Experiences 
    • Feeling inadequate for not specializing
    • Expected assets/income
  • Life Experiences
    • Not having children
  • Negative effects of comparison
    • Over-inflated ego and how it manifests
    • Resenting others for what they have
    • Not being able to be happy for others (Bad mind)
    • Talking a lot about your accomplishments
    • Talking negatively about others, especially in a public space.
  • How to overcome comparison and the desire to keep up with the Joneses
    • Develop and awareness of when you compare yourself to others
    • Stop yourself from doing it
    • Count Your Blessings and make that a practice
    • Focus on your strengths
    • Accept imperfection
    • Don’t Knock others down
    • Don’t focus on rank but focus on the journey
    • Come to a place of acceptance with your choices
    • Use comparison as a motivator
    • You are enough - “To Love is to stop comparing” - Bernard G rassett
  • Where I want to be
  • How I’ve managed to stay the course of limiting comparison
    • Individuation
    • Self-Actualisation

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“Given that we are imperfect, focus on being better than where we were” - Mario Evon

“I cannot use someone else's achievements to diminish my journey.” - Mario Evon

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What is Talk Truth with Mario Evon?

Medical Doctor, TV Host and Reggae-Soul Singer/Songwriter, Mario Evon, takes you on a uniquely Jamaican journey through a non-conservative, honest space created to allow his truth, and the truth of others to set them free to grow, laugh, learn and prosper.

From relationships, inspiration, sex and sexuality, to the ins and outs of entrepreneurship; In this space, we speak candidly about almost anything, with the intention to inspire, educate and entertain (‘Inspir-Edu-Tainment’), and create a fair and balanced space where your truth shall become your power. This is TALK TRUTH.