The Power of Two

Rahti Gorfien is a certified life coach and ADHD coach. 
For over 20 years, she has been helping creative professionals, many of whom are neurodivergent, focus, follow through and make money doing what they love. 
But her original career was in a very different space. 
At just 4 years of age, Rahti knew she wanted to be a performer. And after graduating NYUs Acting Program in 1978, she went on to pursue a career in Theater for thirty years, during which she was also professional standup comic, originated many roles off-off Broadway, and wrote several plays, one of which was included in Backstage's listing of the best plays of 2004.   
Then in the mid 1990s, she began forming and facilitating peer support groups for her own professional accountability as a theatre artist. These groups were the gateway to her becoming a trained and certified professional coach. 
She now facilitates the very same peer support groups for her coaching clients, helping them to become accountable and follow through on their goals.  
As an artist, Rahti discovered that acting is a collaborating endeavour. You can’t produce a play alone.  
But the same principle applies to business.
To quote Rahti, “Working in isolation doesn’t work. You need to get out and meet people!”
In this podcast, Rahti looks back at her career in acting and reflects on how it has influenced the way she partners with others:
>> What it’s like to partner with your life partner -  one of her earliest partnerships was with her husband…on the stand-up comedy circuit!
>> What applies to acting applies to business …. Entrepreneurship can be lonely. You need a support group behind you
>> How accountability partners have propelled both Rahti and her clients to success
>> How Rahti’s business blew up….through a partnership with her business coach
>> Joint ventures are so much more than just promoting each other online. Rahti now collaborates with partners in person
>> If you can’t find the right JV partners – create your own networking group – Rahti set up her own meetup for those working in the creative industries

>> Rahti’s controversial messages to our listeners – if you want to meet partners, get out of the house, COVID is over!
...and much more.

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What is The Power of Two?

The podcast where we unravel the success stories of entrepreneurs just like you who have transformed their business through the magic of Joint Venture Partnerships.

Being an entrepreneur can be a tough and lonely journey, but in the world of collaboration, you’re never alone. Whether you’re launching a new product, promoting a new offer or if you’re just looking for great ideas, there’s always another business owner out there to support you.

So join me, Danny Bermant, host and founder of CaptainJV, as we dive deep into the journey of business owners who have harnessed the incredible potential of partnerships and turned them into a powerful a catalyst for growth.

Are you ready scale your business through JV partnerships? – This is the Power of Two podcast.