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Today on Outside The Valley we have Megan Chinburg, VP of Engineering at Help Scout!

We talked about Help Scout’s hiring and onboarding process from start to finish, with a discussion around the “value screening” stage, and how Help Scout makes sure to reduce biases in the interview process.

Megan also shared the one thing that Help Scout did in the early days that made them grow solidly, and her top two pieces of advice for engineering managers everywhere.

Show Notes

We covered: 
  • 02:31 — How Megan started her engineering leadership career
  • 08:40 — The differences between managing a remote vs co-located engineering team
  • 18:06 — How Help Scout screens for value alignment and technical competence
  • 35:38 — Help Scout’s onboarding process for new hire
  • 40:10 — Why documentation is important when onboarding new engineer
  • 41:00 — One of the best things Help Scout did early on to grow a solid remote team
  • 43:35 — How Megan sees her responsibilities as a VP of Engineering 
  • 49:30 — Top two pieces of advice Megan would give to other engineering managers

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