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The only right thing they did was cast Sean Connery. Whether accepting the role was the right thing for him to do, though, is very much debatable.


Once again Matt-less, Spencer takes over hosting (and nerd-wrangling) duties as he, Chris and Luciano discuss the early 2000's masterpiece that is The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. What's that? Oh, sorry... it seems I've misspelled shitshow up there.

There's very little to salvage in this movie, not gonna lie. But hey, at least they had the decency to leave out some of the really awful, gruesome shit that was part of the graphic novel. No, I'm not going to provide examples; even this podcast has standards. If you absolutely must know, Google "What did Hyde do to The Invisible Man?" for yourself. But be forewarned: immediately after you do, you will really wish you hadn't.

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What is You're Wrong?

You're Wrong is on permanent hiatus, but Chris, Luciano, Matt and Spencer aren't! They have a new podcast, dedicated (almost) exclusively to movies, called Popcorn & Plot Holes. Come listen to their ramblings at or anywhere you get your podcasts from!