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In this episode, Maxilian Brandl & Philipp Kaltofen explore what it means to design beyond centering humans.

Show Notes

About Maximilian and Philipp
Maximilian Brandl is an interactive media designer and freelance design/creative technologist. Inspired by Clarke’s third law, he loves to shape the future by designing and building magical interactions and prototypes for intelligent products and spaces.

Philipp Kaltofen is an interactive media designer and creative technologist with a special interest in the interaction between emerging technology and society. He believes in the ability of design to impact our lives in the best ways possible – if created with good intentions and regulated democratically.


What is ThingsCon Stories?

ThingsCon is a global community that explores how we can make connected technologies responsibly: How can we make sure that things like the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities work for everyone? In this podcast we talk to experts from our community. Season 1 features interviews with the contributors to our annual publication, the State of Responsible IoT (or RIOT Report for short). Enjoy!