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Yellow color radiates both positivity and energy. Many people say it is also related to happiness, energy, performance, or optimization. This color is the reason why, in almost every company or social engagements, you won’t be seeing this color missing. Have you ever wondered how this color radiates positivity and energy at the same time keeps one grooving despite adversities be it in business or life simply as it is?

Joining us LIVE in this episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast is Monique Lindner, a High-Performance Optimization Specialist and Motivational Speaker.

Monique profoundly knows what’s necessary, what needs to be prioritized, and how all those identified can be done in a manner that allows a person to realize his or her full potential. Monique’s favorite color is Yellow, and this is how this color drives her to be the best in everything that she does and advocates.

As a High-Performance Optimization Specialist, she helps entrepreneurs and business owners to slow down and SPEED UP in matters which would allow them to be high performing and being able to optimize what’s currently available in their resources, be it in for business purposes or personal development.

Monique devised a framework throughout years of experience, which is now what she calls, TIME Method. T – Time Management, I – Impactful Leadership, M – Mind Hacking, and E – Energy Efficiency. All these, when factored individually, are related to what she firmly believes that people should work on holistically to help them perform higher: PRIORITY, FOCUS, and CLARITY.

Despite being an expert of what she does in helping people to gain the confidence that is theirs and within, she does not discount the fact that we each have different ways of coping up. She even then helps high achieving business leaders to accomplish the work-life bliss stage.

Key Learning:
1. Monique Lindner’s TIME Method – 2:30
1.1 Time Management – 4:04
1.2 Impactful Leadership – 5:46
1.3 Mind Hacking – 6:57
1.4 Energy Efficiency – 8:15
2. Stories from People Monique Lindner work with – 9:34, 13:46
3. Monique Lindner’s Self Improvement – 16:40, 17:32, 19:55
4. Resources – 22:17

Resources Mentioned: 

Book: The Laws of Human Nature 
Author: Robert Greene 

Connect with Monique Lindner on the following online handles: 

1. Website
2. Facebook
3. Linkedin

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