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In THIS IS MY STORY, a moving and inspiring video project recently released by Amphibian Stage, three prominent Fort Worth Black men share stories about a time they were silenced. In less than a month it has been viewed by over 12,000 viewers around the world, with requests pouring in to screen the video at schools, galleries, non-profits, and businesses. But the story of how this piece came together is just as fascinating as what we see on screen. In this episode I chat with creator Dev’n Goodman, storyteller Henry Wasonga Abuto, and director Kathleen Culebro about the events that led to the creation of the project and do a deep dive into the many questions and issues that the project brought up for each of us.

What is My So-Called Fabulous ?

I'm your host, Tiffany Blackmon. I'm a chef, author, mother, wife, fitness fanatic, interior design-enthusiast, fashion-lover, and the sum of all things fabulous...and not-so-fabulous.