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Jeff Gatt is a CPA and 20 year veteran of the finance world.

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Here are the timestamps for the episode.

(2:06) Jeff’s background 
(3:26) Benefits of working in public accounting focused on small to mid-size companies in US 
(6:50) Why he pursued a career in finance 
(10:14) Fundamentals skills needed to be successful in finance 
(16:19) Need for business acumen in addition to a great business idea and vision 
(16:47) Example of startup building barcodes on mobile funds 
(21:03) Need to focus on product and distribution 
(23:10) Reminder innovation is happening outside the US 
(24:43) Definition of public accounting 
(27:37) His approach to exploring and making career moves 
(30:56) His reflection process 
(32:57) How Will You Measure Your Life by Clayton Christensen 
(33:47) AI in finance 
(39:11) What grabs his attention when vendors reach out 
(41:16) Importance of partnership 
(43:30) Examples of recent B2B purchases that required partnership 
(51:30) His advice for young ambitious people wanting to make their mark on the world 
(1:03:25) Lessons learned from playing and coaching football 
(1:10:49) Your company is not a family 
(1:13:46) Disrupt the Bay and his personal family cancer story 
(1:17:20) Book recommendation 
(1:22:01) Purchase of $100 or less that improved his life 

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