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In The Lamplight welcomes Leo Moran of The Saw Doctors to talk about how the band got their lucky break, their songwriting process, their experiences of touring all over the world, his other musical projects including his work with singer-songwriter Padraig Stevens, and his love for his native Tuam.

Show Notes

The show opens with this week's variation on our opening theme, a merging of Kieran's original melody movement with a chord progression and instrumentation similar to The Saw Doctors' hit "N17". The lads discuss the feeling of finding yourself in the middle of a performance with someone unexpected in the crowd, be they a famous person or a musical peer whose opinion you value and respect, and the way that this can influence your mindset and your performance.

Kieran introduces Leo Moran of The Saw Doctors and the lads get chatting about the band's early days. Leo recounts one of the key moments that led to the band breaking out in Ireland and abroad, that being the endorsement of Mike Scott of The Waterboys. Leo chats about their early experiences touring and the sacrifices they had to make when they decided to fully embrace a future as a working band.

Kieran ask Leo about his songwriting process. Leo gives us an insight into his workflow when writing songs with fellow Saw Doctors bandmate Davy Carton. Leo praises Davy's compositional ability and creativity.

Leo performs a Saw Doctors song, "Same Oul' Town". The performance features Leo on acoustic guitar and lead vocals with Luke providing banjo, dobro, accordion and backing vocals.

Kieran brings up football and he and Leo swap stories of how their musical lives intertwined with their mutual love of the sport. Hear about Leo performing impromptu gigs outside his house on matchdays in Tuam and about how The Saw Doctors song "To Win Just Once" will, for Kieran, be forever associated with his biggest win while playing for Sligo.

The lads, along with Leo, listen to Sarah Crummy's spine-tingling reimagining of the song which earns high praise from Leo.

Elsewhere on the show, Leo recites a piece of spoken-word prose that he wrote during the first Covid-19 lockdown. The piece is centred on his native town of Tuam and reflects on his life, his travels, his dreams and where he finds himself now in the middle of a global pandemic.

The lads wrap up their chat with Leo with the promise of some in-person tunes together at some point in the future. 

The episode ends with Kieran, Luke and Rory reflecting on their chat with Leo. We also get this week's "In The Rantlight" segment featuring Kendy and Raybo of The Kendy and Raybo Podcast.

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