In the kick off the On The Scene: Summer Season, Allison Dyjach and Darek Reidel head to the grand opening of the new Breithaupt Block Parkette at King and Wellington in Midtown. They talk with Peter Pearse-Elosia about his upcoming African Festival "Afrovibes" and Craig Beattie about the development of this new park space. 


Peter Pearse-Elosia is a local entrepreneur and the founder of Digimillenials - a platform that CELEBRATES, ELEVATES and AMPLIFIES African Culture in Canada and across North America. Peter has brought that same spirit to KW when he moved here 2 years ago by creating Afronights in KW - local events that celebrate African culture through karaoke nights, watch parties, and his weekly radio show. This weekend he hosts Afrovibes on Gaukel in collaboration with KW Famous. 

Craig Beattie is the CEO for Perimeter Development - the folks behind the landmark Google Building in Downtown Kitchener, and the new Breithaupt Block Parkette space behind it as well. Perimeter has worked on a ton of spaces especially in Downtown Kitchener including The Walper Hotel and surrounding block, the block where CBC Radio is located, Cafe Pyrus' home, and others around the city.

Music: Eric Jackson and the Willow River Band (Only a Livin'), Saffron A (I Believe You), Alysha Brilla (Womyn)


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