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An often forgotten gem from the dead center of the 90's. "One Hot Minute" Red Hot Chili Peppers (1995)

Show Notes

     We're breaking from tradition again.  Sometimes we just want to take an episode to shed some light on an overlooked record or maybe one that the artist would just as soon you overlook.  Such is the case with "One Hot Minute" from the RHCP.  
     What do you do when you lose a superstar guitarist of a generation?  Well, sometimes if you're lucky, you just scoop up another one.  They didn't have to look that far even though they did. (Shout out Arik Marshall).  Just so happened that a young but established guitar god was fresh out of a gig and lookin to mingle.  I mean, come on.  Dave Navarro got that Sammy Hagar deal.  
     If all you remember from that era is "aeroplane", you might need a revisit and you have come to the right place.  We've got drugs, rock n roll, and sex.  Well, not so much sex.  This might go down as the Chili's least horny record to date.  They made up for it with lavish displays of homoeroticism and boundary pushing videos.  
     In this episode, we thank Dave for his service and hopefully reacquaint everyone with a semi-lost classic.

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