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This is a mix inspired by the music of Stranger Things series. Showcasing synth-filled beats and soundscapes made by underground artists from around the world as well as some of my favourite local, Australian talents such as Nach, Matter and FunkForm.

Show Notes

  1.  QU'intro: 'Children'
  2.  Max Freegrant feat Miss Monique - Stranger Things (extended mix)
  3.  E.F.G. - Inside My Thoughts (dub.format remix)
  4.  Michael A - See Yourself
  5.  Simon Berry and Luke Brancaccio - Here Comes The Rain feat. Kiki Cave (Torsten Fassbender Remix)
  6.  Agustin Paez, Geronimo Nicolas - Reske Front
  7.  Cosmosolar, MAM (AR)- Interference
  8.  Gonsalo Sacc - Astros
  9.  Blue Cell - Swift Coil (Matter mix)
  10.  Maga, Nhil - Sirens of Space
  11.  Christian Monique - The Singing Wind
  12.  Menkee - Khalina
  13.  Lake Avalon - Polaris
  14.  Matter & FunkForm - Nosedive
  15.  Paul Hazendonk - Treffen (Peter Makto & Gregory S Remix)
  16.  Phunkadelica - La cura
  17.  Reprise: Paul Hazendonk - Treffen (Peter Makto & Gregory S Remix)
  18.  Miraculum - Sunstill (Renga Weh Remix)
  19.  Nach - Indica
  20.  Soma Soul - Symphony Lake
  21.  Andre Sobota - Saturate (Extended mix)
  22.  Volkan Erman, Ugur Pato - Memories
  23.  Tennis Court - Subconscious (Sound Quelle Extended Mix)
  24.  Phunkadelica - Finit 

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