In this episode of On The Scene, Darek and Allison head to Counterpoint Brewing Co in Kitchener to sip some tasty brews and chat with local burlesque dancers Veronica Tease and Mable Sugarbush. 


Veronica Tease and Mable Sugarbush are local burlesque performers that take the stage with Sassy Ray Burlesque shows in town! Mable started her burlesque craft back in 2019, while Veronica only started one year ago. This duo makes up the Rayettes and have shown off their dance and burlesque moves at Sugar Run, Up Lounge, Evo, and more! We can’t wait to hear more about their journeys getting into Burlesque and what’s next for them! 

Music: CxViolet (Adelaide), Noelle Frances (Turn Me Inside Out), Paige Warner (Stockholm Syndrome) 


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