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Adam Butt & Blake Puryear
Episode 5
Defining your Brand, Guidelines, Marketing Profiles, and Digital Strategies with Adam Butt

Show Notes

Content Plus Commerce Episode 5 

Host: Blake Puryear Guest: Adam Butt 

On this episode Blake is joined by Adam Butt founder of Noticed
[00:01:17] - Background of how Noticed was started
[00:04:21] - Go to tools for building out a site
[00:05:40] - Personalization trends 

[00:08:33] - Defining your brand, guidelines, marketing profiles, and digital strategies
[00:09:19] - Common headaches when managing a site build
[00:13:02] - Best “Saving the Day” story for Noticed
[00:16:24] - Growing trends in the next year 

Quotes from the Episode: 

“One of the challenge we have with some of the brands, especially the ones that are growing really quick, is not really having the brand defined.” [00:08:19] 

“If you're a small brand, hire an eCommerce manager.” [00:09:54] 


Yotpo Swell Nosto 

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