Junior to Senior with David Guttman

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Rand and David go through motivational mindsets of engineers, positive teamwork skills, and how to frame your career so it best works for you.

Show Notes

Talking Points:
  • Building a Mental Model
  • Motivational Mindsets
  • Hirable Dev Traits
  • Communication Habits
  • Team Skills
  • Framing Your Career
  • Evaluating New Technologies
Quotable Quotes: 
  • “What do they actually need? How can we integrate it into their workflow? What can we do to make it easier for them?” - RF
  • “Creating tools for other developers involves asking a lot of questions.” - RF
  • “Ask ‘why’ all the time. Take nothing for granted.” - RF
  • “Giving people context is empowering to [engineers].” - RF
  • “Focus on being less wrong rather than being more right.” - RF
  • “I care that people take the time to understand and be understood by others.” - RF
  • “We’re doing this for other people.” - RF
  • “What do you want to learn, practice, and be exposed to?” - RF
  • “Being able to work side-by-side with people who bring a new perspective and teach me new things as we move has been everything.” - RF
  • “What is the problem that we’re trying to solve? What are its constraints?” - RF
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What is Junior to Senior with David Guttman?

A weekly show for ambitious devs who want to take their career to the next level.